Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

The Helmut Hachtel GmbH is committed to regularly financially support need and ill children and youths in our region!

The Förderverein:
Clinic for children and adolescent care


KIWANIS-Circus Palace 

Christmas without a visit to the christmas circus in Heilbronn is inconceivable for many families. For children, this circus is particularly special, but also for adults this circus has been a highlight in the event calendar for many years.

With their project "Zirkuspalast" the Kiwanis Service-Klubs of the region could again enable free entrance to the show for 2000 children and youths with their guardians, a trip that otherwise might not have been possible for them. Enabling a visit for so many children enriches this event and makes it something very special for the families, the city, and the entire region. The children get the chance to spend a few hours of carefree fund with clowns, impressive stage shows and exciting animal acts, helping them to escape the everyday life for a few fun-filled hours. 

The Helmut Hachtel GmbH is a proud sponsor of the "Zirkuspalast 2016" in Heilbronn.