THERMUR®HM-Insulating Glass

The Royal League in Insulating Glass

World debut!

HEAT MIRROR™ - Insulating glass with Ug = 0.2


 We have developed THERMUR®HM after the HEAT MIRROR™ -   system 
 with a Ug = 0.2 - value for series production. Once again,
 the Helmut Hachtel GmbH could prove its unique innovativeness. 
 Active marketing measures for this unparalleled high-tech-product  
 will begin in a few short weeks! 


Glasses made for aerospace

THERMUR®HM after the HEAT MIRROR™-System is a glazing system originally developed for the aerospace industry. Heat Mirror can withstand the most extreme temperatures, heat, cold, as well as the harsh nature of the outer space, while at the same time enabling an outlook ideally without any impairment. 
By using the Heat Mirror film, these benefits can also achieved with a double insulting glazing.

THERMUR®HM – the revolution in glazing systems!

Insulating Glass with Heat Mirror Technology

The Heat Mirror film, which is equipped with a special coating, is stretched inside the airspace of the insulating glass. Even though the result may be similar to a conventional triple insulating glass, Heat Mirror glasses have several advantages over it: the film is permeable for visible light, but at the same time reflects heat and ultraviolet light and repels heat to its point of origin.

Advantages of insulating glass with Heat Mirror film:

  • heat transmission of up to 0.3 W/m²K
  • nearly constant Ug-value for glazing in inclined surfaces
  • limits overheating of buildings in summer
  • energy saving for both heater and air-condition
  • the interior glass has a higher temperature as compared to conventional insulating glass, thus leading to less condensation
  • improved sound insulation
  • absolute filtration of UV-light
  • enhances plant growth due to UV-filter
  • higher lever of user comfort

Applications of Heat Mirror Insulating Glass:

  • conservatories and greenhouses
  • windows and shop displays (UV-light reduces value of goods through fading)
  • facade buildings, air-conditions buildings, galleries, museums, and historical buildings
  • premises with increased noise nuisance
  • glazing of inclined surfaces 

Ultimate Glass

If it’s good enough and green enough for the Empire State Building…


The Empire State Building has become one of the most energy-efficient buildings in the United States, which can to the most part be attributed to Heat Mirror Technology. The Empire State Building upgraded its 6,514 dual pane windows with heat mirror technology, the same technology used in our THERMUR®HM window systems. The project reused all of the existing glass and created super insulating glass units in a dedicated processing space located on site in the building.

The integrated energy efficiency upgrades are targeted to

  • reduce energy use by 38 %
  • save $4.4 million per year in energy costs
  • save 105,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide over the next 15 years, equivalent to the annual emissions of 17,500 cars (Source:
  • pay for themselves in 3 years